Alphanumeric! (UPDATED)

This is probably the best news ever. So best, that it actually required me to tell you all about it, despite how I never write news articles on here (so don’t expect me to do it again).

Four Words: ReBoot Webcomics and Movies.

A trilogy of movies and a Webcomic. It’s as if the boardroom got together and said, “Hmm… how can we remind Phil Kahn that we love him?”

“‘ReBoot’s’ legions of fans have been incredibly loyal and continue to keep the property alive on dozens of fan sites,” Gertz said. “We’re very enthusiastic about how we’re reconceiving this classic series by creating an innovative way for those fans — who were kids when the series started — to use new technology to help guide us.”

Zeros 2 Heroes president Matt Toner sees the Internet as a democratizing medium. “It takes away gatekeepers,” he said. “We want to connect the fans with the producers … and let them determine what the next hits will be. When it comes to long-standing genre entertainment properties, the fans are the real experts.”

In true Computer-World fashion, fans will be able to work directly with the creative teams to an extent to help flesh out/re-flesh out the ReBoot universe, likely in a Wiki fashion. This may prove to be a blessing or a curse, so we’ll see about that one.

At any rate, they’ll be able to vote on which story they want to see covered. This, I don’t see a problem with, because after season 4, all we pretty much want to know is “What happens next?”

The other thing that makes this really interesting to me (beyond simply being a termendously fanboyish nerd for the franchise) is the addition of a Webcomic. This could get a slew of new fans into the mix really fast if done correctly, but beyond that, a Webcomic is almost the most appropriate course of action to take. ReBoot is essentially about life inside your computer, so what better medium for a comic about that?

I’m optimistically cautious about this. On on hand, I’m grateful for more ReBoot, period. On the other hand, I hope us fans don’t go insane and try to get retarded stories made. Hopefully we’ll be merely asked for ideas, and not direction. But this is another interesting moment in the current trend that seems to be forming of User-Generated Content and “Ask the Fans.”

UPDATE: Two links for you. First, not exactly adding new information, but here’s an additional article on the same story.

Second, I wondered for a moment if T Campbell had heard about and commented on this yet, and apparently, he has.


3 thoughts on “Alphanumeric! (UPDATED)

  1. Great snag, Phil! When I scanned through the article teaser and realized just what the title truly meant, my heart wept for Bob, Dot, Enzo, and the whole crew and their slow, painful death on random Saturday mornings on ABC.

    Think we can do an entire Update about it? Or at the very least, make this the roundtable? Maybe even a live, call-in roundtable? About how AWESOME ReBoot is? Make it happen.

  2. I admit never to have been a big fan of Reboot, even though I have tried to catch it now and then. This IS a big time for fans of nostalgic cartoons.

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