DS Con Interviews – Randy Milholland

Hey there hi there ho there, folks. We’ve got brand new video interviews for you from last weekend’s ConnectiCon. I was there on my lonesome with super special cameraman help from my good buddy Ross Nover of The Rockets and the future Erfworld spinoff comic known as “Parson’s Gaming Buddies.”

This year’s ConnectiCon was bigger and busier than ever, so the interviews are a tad shorter due to time constraints, but we did our best to grab more folks to speak with who you didn’t see from last year. That being said, here’s the first of nine video interviews with none other than Randy Milholland of Something Positive. Pleas enjoy.


5 thoughts on “DS Con Interviews – Randy Milholland

  1. Julie, it’s all a matter of perspective. I’m kind of a loud guy, and Randy’s kind of a quiet guy. Plus, it was a loud convention hall.

  2. Something Positive is the best webcomic I have read, Yay to Randy and to friends of Randy of whom his characters are based. I feel proud when my friends tell me Im being a second Aubrey.

  3. Great to see the interviews going up for Connecticon. It was pretty fun, and great to run into people I hadn’t seen for quite a while. (Even if they have shaved off their beards so I no longer recognise them).

    Sorry we didn’t find you guys later, I got confused and exhausted, jetlag will do that to you I guess. 🙂

    Great interview though, conventions always tend to be a little loud so it can’t be easy to do.

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