Civilization on the Web? Have they Seen MySpace?

Computer games and Web comics have been intertwine since the get go, we all know this. It’s neither a secret nor an interesting way to start an article. What is interesting is that it looks like the relationship has finally advance to the point where computer games are starting to pay for a date once in a while. ‘Bout freaking time I say.


As part of the big kick off for the expansion pack for Civ IV, Beyond the Sword, 2K games and Fraxis have hired a bunch of the top names in video game comics to do a series of strips about the game. The series will be release over the next few days, ending on August 10th. The knew site Civilization Daydreams has been set up as a hub for all the comics the project creates so those interested don’t have to traipse all over the Web.

Some of the comics taking part are PVP, Dueling Analongs, Extra Life, CAD, 8-bit Theater and GUComics. Surprising (to me at least ) I couldn’t find any mention of Penny-Arcade, which is odd since they’ve actually been getting paid to do stuff like this for years. Maybe their experience put them in a place to require more money than the others, maybe they wanted to give other creators the chance, maybe they hate Civ IV. It doesn’t matter, but it would be interesting to know.


I’m kind of torn about this whole thing. On one hand, I think this is a good sign because the computer game companies are acknowledging the community and the potential it has for guerrilla marketing. On the other, I kinda get a bit of a “trying to be cool” vibe from the whole thing. Like these guys are trying to look like they’re more in touch with the fan base than they really are.


Ether way though, some great Web comics guys will be getting some funds and some cross promotion, which is super awesome, so I guess I’m excited.


The jokes on 2k and Fraxis, most of these guys probably would have ended up doing a comic about the game eventually on their own.


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