Digital Strips Livecast, this Wednesday!

Hey, folks. Just reminding y’all that we’ll be having ourselves our second Digital Strips Livecast this Wednesday the 14th at 9:30 Eastern. You can find it by clicking the link, and downloading the free software. Then, you just call in with Skype or your own phone. Simple enough, yes?

In said episode, we’ll be discussing Achewood, by Chris Onstad. It’ll be an interesting show, because I love it and Daku hates it. We’re looking to have a lot of varying opinions from callers to figure out what makes Achewood so damned interesting, or what makes it so damned awful, depending on who you are. Expect lots of heavy analysis and child-like name calling.

So. We’ll see you on Talkshoe, This Wednesday the 14th at 9:30 Eastern for the next Livecast!


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