DS 113: Review of San Antonio Rock City

Digital Strips Show 113
Digital Strips : Show 113
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With the sudden rush of podcasts we decided to hold off on releasing this review. Recorded last Wed w ecame together to talk about this Journal comic. These are always better when you no the artist and this was no exception. After meeting Mitch up at NYCC there was nothing holding us back from reading his bio. For those who have not met Mitch tell us what you think.

In this episode we talk about:

  • San Antonio Rock City by Mitch Clem
  • We Love Web Comics 2007
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    4 thoughts on “DS 113: Review of San Antonio Rock City

    1. Okay – a little later on in the listening right now. I am not sure, Daku, why whether something is funny or not should rely upon whether it really happened.

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