I’m Back and Here Are the Shout-Outs

It’s been a fantastic 6 weeks and I’ve added a few more pins to my wall map. The only thing I didn’t do is try to meet strangely large amount of Australian web comic artists. Enough of me talking about me and let’s all listen to someone else talk about DS. That’s right, yet another person knows of our greatness and just how talented we are. Derek Coward of Comic Book Noise recently joined the CPN and did what the rest of us should be doing, talking about the DS. In one of his latest podcasts Derek gives us the props and talks about our talking talents while playing a bit from our SARC review.

Nothing Better – Tyler Page is now taking pre-orders for Nothing Better Volume 1: No Place Like Home. Just like any other pre-order drive this could end up being thoroughly embarrassing because the only way the book makes it to press is if Tyler gets at least 200 orders. The book will be 200 pages in black and white, 6×9 inches, and contain chapters 1-7 along with bonus development materials and sketches not available online. Nothing Better is the story of odd-couple college roommates Katt and Jane. Katt is the out-of-place atheist at a Lutheran college and Jane is questioning her belief in God for the first time as they struggle to adjust to their new life in college and each other.

Eric F Myers – Our good friend Eric is releasing a collection of his work from 2006. It’s actually kind of hard to find out any more information then this but I can tell you you’ll recognize the work immediately. Eric is famous for newspaper texture he finishes his strips off with. Go take a look at SMS Yearbook 2006 and buy it from Lulu.


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