DSL 1: Review of Order of the Sitck

Hey gang. Special thanks to Scott Kurtz, Lee Cherolis, Mike Laidman, Peter Venables and everyone else who popped by for the livecast last night. Much fun was had by all. The recorded episode is now available for download here. Just click the download icon under “Past episodes.”

Next one will be March 7th, at 9:15PM Eastern (9:15, so those of you who want to call in using free minutes on their phones can do so). We’ll be discussing Achewood, much to Daku’s dismay. And for me, the challenge will lie in attempting to explain why I like it (because I love it, but can’t explain why). Should be a good show, so tune in next time.


Old News


They’re coming. I swear. There was a brief period this summer where I had all my active video stuff saved on a public computer on my campus. Hidden away, so as not to be found and tampered with. Unless they flat-out reformatted the things. Which seems to be what happened.
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I’m Just Drinking: The Podcast

Thanks to the dozens of donators and Wiki-ers, and the support from all around, I’m Just Drinking: The Podcast is now live. You can find it at www.imjustdrinking.com/podcast. This episode features the webcomic Fragile Gravity, by Barb Fischer & Chris Impink. The drinks displayed are The Girl Next Door and The Bitter Stoat. Please enjoy the show and stay tuned for the next episode, which will air on October 9th.

(Don’t worry, kids. I’ll still be doing Digital Strips. Now I’m just doing two shows.)


One week left for Barstocking Drive

Hey guys. Quick update on the drive. I must give credit where it is due:

Barb Fischer & Chris Impink (Chris is also the webtender for the wiki… make sure you thank him for building its backbone)
Chris Pollock
Joseph Kovell who’s just been working like a dog, contribution drinks and games all over the damned place (PS: Keep it up, Joe)
– Eric Richardson
– Mary Hentges
Bernie Hou

You guys. Seriously, you guys. You’re the best. Thank you.

If you want to donate, and therefore get your comic a guranteed episode, there’s still one week left for the drive. First episode will be filmed on Sunday the 17th, and will air on Monday the 25th.


Podcast Topics

So, Daku and I have been chugging along with the podcasts as best we can while he’s flying all over the place and Weds is busy. Typically, one of us picks a comic we like and give it to the others and say “Let’s do a show on this one.”

Honestly, it’s getting tougher to pick comics. I feel like I’m running out of ones to do, personally. And the “Submit Comic” link doesn’t seem to be working…

So, with that in mind, if you listeners and readers out there have a comic that you’d like to see us cover for an installment of the podcast, send us an e-mail at digital.strips@gmail.com or glitchphil@gmail.com and we’ll definitely consider it.