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So, Daku and I have been chugging along with the podcasts as best we can while he’s flying all over the place and Weds is busy. Typically, one of us picks a comic we like and give it to the others and say “Let’s do a show on this one.”

Honestly, it’s getting tougher to pick comics. I feel like I’m running out of ones to do, personally. And the “Submit Comic” link doesn’t seem to be working…

So, with that in mind, if you listeners and readers out there have a comic that you’d like to see us cover for an installment of the podcast, send us an e-mail at digital.strips@gmail.com or glitchphil@gmail.com and we’ll definitely consider it.


11 thoughts on “Podcast Topics

  1. Pocket kitten.

    How about a retrospective of online single panel comics so snarky writers can stop saying what a shame it is that nobody on the Internet has ever made anything approaching Gary Larson.

  2. I could be wrong… but I don’t remember hearing reviews of even some of the better known webcomics like:

    – Bob & George
    – College Roomies from Hell
    – Errant Story
    – Mac Hall
    – Schlock Mercenary
    – Sluggy Freelance
    – Starslip Crisis
    and so on

    Of course if these have been ignored BECAUSE of their popularity, you could always review

    – Angels2200
    – Van Von Hunter
    – or No Need for Bushido (Self promotion, yay!)

  3. The problem with reviewing well-known comics is that people have generally made up their minds about them already. Not to mention the constant threat of annoyance that is fanboy anger should they make the mistake of not holding it in the same regard as they do. Aside from possible high-traffic links that may come in as a result of some blowjob reviews of your favorite webcomics, there’s no benefit.

    I think things are better off giving exposure to lesser-known but deserving comics. DS (along with Comixpedia) is the closest thing we have to an webcomics hype machine right now.

  4. The problem with reviewing popular comics is that…there is no problem. Not everyone reads the same things or has the same tastes so the chances are a good sampling of people will find the review useful.

    And William c’mon. Nobody cares that you don’t like Penny Arcade or PVP. Thats fine we get it life shall go on the sun shall rise and we will LIVE sir. What annoys people is that you’re a dick about it. “Blowjob reviews”? Oh yeah. No irony in that statement.

    And you guys should review Antiseptic Poetry. If not by want, then with a “he had it coming” attitude qualified by my above statements.

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  6. Hey Donny, in the interest of clarifying the “not letting go” statement, could you point out where I mentioned PvP or Penny Arcade in my above comments?

    Cuz I’m reading, and I’m not seeing them.

    Maybe if you loan me your fanboy-colored glasses for a second?

  7. The great thing about fleen is how, because none of them are cartoonists, they are supposedly “above” using reviews to promote their own comics.

    But, instead, they use reviews to promote their own site. In effect, they claim that their goal is to promote lesser-known comics, and even encourage lesser-known comics to use their “submit news” button to keep fleen up-to-date on what’s happening in the world of comics — but the last time they’ve even POSTED something about a lesser-known comic was… was… I can’t even remember the last time.

    Instead, we get four-thousand more posts about PVP. Which is fine, if that’s what you say your site is about. But Fleen likes to pretend that they’re in it for the small guys. They even post links along one side of their page to what they see as “underexposed” comics. Let’s see… underexposed:

    Penny Arcade
    Perry Bible Fellowship
    Questionable Content

    Okay, so anyways, they feel those comics are underexposed. They hardly write on any of them… they give most of their coverage to a few pet comics, I find. That’s fine, if you admit that that is your mandate, as Eric Burns does (he writes on comics that he likes, and admits that). But fleen claims to discover and promote underexposed comics… a claim that doesn’t fly when every second post is about Goats.

    PS: Hopefully I have not created an internetWar here. These are just my thoughts, and written rather forcefully at that. No need to agree.

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