DS 52: Review of Sokora Refugees and Emerald Winter

Digital Strips : Show 52
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Zampzon has taken off to Ireland to try and find his lucky charms. In the mean time Daku has two picks to review which are definitely something Zampzon is glad he missed.Here are the comics talked about this week:

  • Sokora Refugees by Segamu and Melissa DeJesus
  • Emerald Winter by Jamie Jennings and Brandon England
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    Webcomics Swag

    It’s that time of year when we celebrate political correctness and commercialism. What better way to do that then spending your new found money (which you had already spent buying presents for other people) on the best kind of gift? So here are several ways to make that most important person in your life happy and entertained.

    Asylumantics – Chris has put together his third book but instead of printing his archive he’s taking a little different approach. Haunted Pixel Studios is taking pre-orders The Asylumantics: The First Four Years, Continue reading


    Secret Santas, a Top List and Christmas Vacation

    As a fat free Holiday treat, Dayfree Press artists gave each other guest art “Secret Santa Style.” Check it out, it reminds me of that April Fool’s Day years ago when a bunch of syndicated cartoonists did each other’s strips.

    The new issue of Comixpedia includes a list of the top 25 people in webcomics. It’s quite an interesting read and includes a quick Q&A with most of the entries. Just be sure to remember it?s just a list, and only represents some people’s opinion.

    Continue reading


    Press Releases Sure Can Pile Up

    If you haven’t figured out by now both Zampzon and myself have slightly obsessive personalities, how else do you think we manage to keep the show going for almost a year? So what do two people like us decide to do when we find we may have an extra bit of free time? We finally break down and buy WoW. That’s right, these are the events that try men’s souls.

    PixelStrips – When this little subscription site first appeared on the scene I saw two immediate, yet huge problems. It was too expensive and had less strips then most artist sites. Continue reading


    Wowzers! A Wonderful Week of Welton!

    Welton Colbert is enjoying some time off but his guest week has begun in earnest. In the old days, Welton would never have taken time off; perhaps time is catching up with the old coot.

    Publisher’s Weekly, where the elite meet to eat, has an article on webcomics providing both recognition and a pretty thorough overview of our fecund medium.

    The second December issue of Comixpedia is out and I urge you all to check it out.

    Continue reading


    PvP Gets Animated

    Okay, I’m done been sick so I can read webcomics again. Hooray!

    The super popular webcomic PVP ran a guest strip by Chris Giarrusso yesterday playing off the Christmas Kringus storyline. Today Giarrusso posted a fully animated version of the strip on his own site. Go check it out.

    There’s just something about watching comic strips turned into animation that brings me back to the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.

    Just a quick reminder, anyone ordering webcomic swag, or anything else off the Internet for that matter, for presents this holiday season, time is running out.

    Now go read some of the many Christmas themed webcomics


    DS 51: Review of Brat-halla, Tenth Life of Pishio the Cat, Acorn Place, and The Amazing Superzeros.

    Digital Strips : Show 51
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    This week both Daku and Zampzon are back from their respective journeys and we can have a regular show. We have four picks to review this week and we know we’ll have something for everyone with this show.Here are the comics we talk about this week:

  • Brat-halla by Jeffery Stevenson and Seth Damoose and color work by Anthony Lee
  • The Tenth Life of Pishio the Cat by Zack Giallongo
  • Acorn Place by K. Douglas Macrae
  • The Amazing SuperZeros! by Jason Sigler and Nick Ruffilo
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    Yirmumah Gets Cracked!

    Cracked Magazine, the Mad-like parody/comedy magazine that had me in stitches when I was but a lad, is making a comeback, and they’re taking Yirmumah with them.

    Working up to Cracked’s return to newsstands next year, Cracked.com has been offering a website full of humorous essays, videos and comics, including DJ Coffmans’ Yirmumah. Yirmumah has been featured on the site for a few months now and they have recently upgraded to carrying the strip everyday.

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