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*Congratulations to Cat Garza on the birth of his daughter, Beatrix Cayce Garza.

*After 4 years, the photocomic Lick My Jesus is ending.

*M4rv3l C0mixx0rz launches digital comics – There’s a rumor that they will be free.

*In his third Attitude anthology, due out in June 2006, Ted Rall will feature the work of twenty-one cartoonists publishing their work via the computron.


*the Blank Label Comics Podcast gets a new theme song by Ani DiFranco. Time will tell if the change is permanent.

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Ian has studied Latin, German, Classical Greek, French, Linguistics, and Theater. When he was a kid he wanted to be a dinosaur and, later, an English teacher. At some point, this proved unfeasible and so he went on to be a juggler, a musician, a bartender, an inventory manager, and, once, an efficiency consultant. He has loved comics since he wanted to be a dinosaur and his love continues to this very day, from Alan Moore\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Miracle Man (nee Marvel Man) to the Far Side. He even makes some of his own.

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