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It’s that time of year when we celebrate political correctness and commercialism. What better way to do that then spending your new found money (which you had already spent buying presents for other people) on the best kind of gift? So here are several ways to make that most important person in your life happy and entertained.

Asylumantics – Chris has put together his third book but instead of printing his archive he’s taking a little different approach. Haunted Pixel Studios is taking pre-orders The Asylumantics: The First Four Years, which is a fan reference featuring everything there is to know about the strip including detailed bios, maps and more. Pre-order before the release in January and save 20% off the cover price!

Amazing Super Zeros! – These guys must have been reading our minds as they have a print book available for you to buy within days of our review. Their first print issue, featuring a brand-new story, is now available over at Lulu.com. There are two versions for your pleasure, the first in full color version and the second in black and white. It comes in at a nice 26 pages and includes sketches and special content.

Alpha Shade – These guys have a great comic and an entertaining rant to go along with it. Now Christopher and Joseph have beat us to the punch with releasing their first audio box set and animated DVD, giving their fans 107 hours of audio and one full hour of animation! This ultimate Alpha Rant collection can be previewed. Part rant, part development log, part audio reviews there’s something for just about everyone.


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  1. Just an additional note on the book: I\’m also offering a book bundle with all three titles. If you haven\’t purchased the two comic books yet this is a great way to grab them.

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