Press Releases Sure Can Pile Up

If you haven’t figured out by now both Zampzon and myself have slightly obsessive personalities, how else do you think we manage to keep the show going for almost a year? So what do two people like us decide to do when we find we may have an extra bit of free time? We finally break down and buy WoW. That’s right, these are the events that try men’s souls.

PixelStrips – When this little subscription site first appeared on the scene I saw two immediate, yet huge problems. It was too expensive and had less strips then most artist sites. The first problem was fixed quickly while it looks like Kevin is well on his way to fixing the second. Recently PixelStrips announced the introduction of 5 new strips: Doctor Albany, Nor Prodigies Nor Dreams, Z-Day, Sam and Sam, and Your Square Life. Personally they all look good but Nor Prodigies Nor Dreams simply looks revolutionary.

Komikwerks – I keep waiting for something big to happen from this site since it has the backing of Stan Lee. That’s right the big guy sends in a letter every six months discussing a topic of his choosing. On the collective there is a smattering of sites such as the newly added Lifelike but it was the announcement of taking six of it’s members, (Grounded Angel, Terranova, Elf-Help, Lifelike, Universal Intergalactic Discovery Company, Knight & Gale) to the PSP that really caught my attention and made me finally notice this site.

Comics Lab – This site is an attempt to build a directory of online resources for comics creators – be it print comics or web comics, independent or mainstream comics, making the artwork, writing the scripts, or both. There are at least 200 entries so far but that’s not even scratching the surface. If web comic creators get involved and submit links, it could become a really useful reference point.


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