Wowzers! A Wonderful Week of Welton!

Welton Colbert is enjoying some time off but his guest week has begun in earnest. In the old days, Welton would never have taken time off; perhaps time is catching up with the old coot.

Publisher’s Weekly, where the elite meet to eat, has an article on webcomics providing both recognition and a pretty thorough overview of our fecund medium.

The second December issue of Comixpedia is out and I urge you all to check it out.

Steve Troop is wondering why people don’t seem to be reading his excellent webcomic even though he is experimenting with page layout in an exceptionally readable manner and done away with his 9 year archives so as not to intimidate new readers, though they are still available at his store. What the heck, people?

Brian Hart has expanded his repertoire to include two more webcomics which are funny.

And no news post would be complete without some mention of Penny Arcade and PVP

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