500 strips for some, missed updates for others

Yesterday Theater Hopper hit the 500 strip mark, tomorrow Sam and Fuzzy will do the same. Congrats to both Tom Brazelton and Sam Logan on producing quality strip with such longevity and regularity.

EDIT: I just discovered Questionable Content also turned 500 on Monday. Congrats to Jeph Jacques as wells. Sorry I missed you.

The Daily Grind Iron Man challenge had two contestants fall out yesterday. Chris Crosby of Superosity and Yu-Jay Huoh of Abrandoned kids both dropped out ending almost two and a half months Continue reading


Web Comic Wrap-up

I felt bad last week that we were not keeping up with all the news, but that was before I tried to find some to post today. It’s as if almost nothing happened and everyone went on vacation. What could have possibly caused that to happen? At least I know now it wasn’t the turkey.

Frank Miller – He may be one of the younger gods but he’s still a god among us mere mortals. So what does it mean when he joins up with Hideo Kojima to release a digital comic? The new “Metal Gear Solid BD” will coincide with the launch of a ?digital comic? version for the PSP.

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DS 48: Review of Kevin and Kell, The Devil’s Panties, Dog Complex, and Flatwood.

Digital Strips : Show 48
[15 MB]
In this episode of Digital Strips we mention the release of Zoinks issue 2 and play a few audio ads. Also, check out a bit of Digital Strips fan fiction going on at Trick Waffle. We review four excellent comics this episode.Here are the comics we talk about this week:

  • Kevin and Kell by Bill Holbrook
  • The Devil’s Panties by Jennie Breeden
  • Dog Complex by Dave Johnson
  • Flatwood by Zachary Parker
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    Congratulations to Jerry & Brenna on the birth of Elliot Jacob Holkins.

    Balancing the arrival of joy and music into Tycho’s life (in spite of Gabe’s proclaimed efforts to keep him as dour an miserable as possible) we must say farewell to Greg Holkan, artist of Gossamer Commons and Other Good Works.

    Gossamer Commons is a webcomic written by Eric Burns and he does a great job maintaining a compelling narrative episodically while Bringing the Funny.

    I look forward to seeing what’s in store for the next chapter and how the new artist holds up under terrifying scrutiny.


    Webcomic PVP in Full 3D

    Readers of the popular webcomic Scott Kurtz’s PVP can find a pretty interesting treat in today’s strip. After a recent request to his readers, Scott received a new 3D logo for his site. The initial logo was a three dimensional computer generated model, but soon after Scott made use of that image another reader, Joseph Kovell, took the concept in a different direction and sent him a logo that was 3D in the old blue and red paper glasses sense. Along with the logo image, Continue reading


    DS 47: Interview with Cat Garza

    Digital Strips : Show 47
    [15.7 MB]
    This week we talk to Cat Garza, artist, cartoonist, musician, web comic innovator, and modern day troubadour. Cat’s work incorporates limited animation, experiments with panel navigation and original musical scores all in an effort to push the web comic’s form to it’s fullest potential. And speaking of Cat’s musical skill, be sure to listen to the very end of this episode because you’ll be able to hear a brand new song from Cat, Dance Hall Daze. He also produced a brand new theme song for us with lyrics and everything.This week we talk about :

  • The Magic Inkwell with Cat Garza
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    Fanboy On PSP Media Manager

    We’ve been expecting news like this. Sony announced the new PSP Media Manager that allows users to take full advantage of the PSP’s ability to display multimedia content by leveraging the PSP as a portable music device, digital photo album, and movie viewer. This means it is now possible to have your favorite web comic on your PSP and Fanboy Almanac is just the strip to do that.

    Fanboy Almanac will be featured as the first strip available on the PSP Media Manager. Users of the software will be able to Continue reading


    Four Spots Open At Eyeskream

    The Eyeskream Webcomic Creators Group has opened up four member spots for the end of the year. Submitters have until Saturday November 20th to send in submissions for 3 openings this November and until December 4th for the December spot. After that the slate will be wiped clean and start fresh in the New Year. All 2005 submissions will be deleted so creators are encouraged to re-submit next year during their March 2006 member drive.