500 strips for some, missed updates for others

Yesterday Theater Hopper hit the 500 strip mark, tomorrow Sam and Fuzzy will do the same. Congrats to both Tom Brazelton and Sam Logan on producing quality strip with such longevity and regularity.

EDIT: I just discovered Questionable Content also turned 500 on Monday. Congrats to Jeph Jacques as wells. Sorry I missed you.

The Daily Grind Iron Man challenge had two contestants fall out yesterday. Chris Crosby of Superosity and Yu-Jay Huoh of Abrandoned kids both dropped out ending almost two and a half months of everyone in the contest updating everyday. The last two and half months was the longest period of time without some one leaving the competition.

I’m not sure the circumstance behind Huoh’s not updating but apparently Crosby was caught in a bad blizzard in South Dakota. He may be without power for more than three days. That’s a tough break for him after so long of not missing an update. He apparently has promised to make it up to his readers by posting an extra strip for each day he’s missed. That’s dedication in action.


2 thoughts on “500 strips for some, missed updates for others

  1. I don’t have a comic buffer, either. But then, my comic isn’t a full-time job like Crosby’s.

    Thanks to Digital Strips for acknowledging my milestone of 500 comics.

    Everyone needs to check out the site and play around with our new searchable archive and movie review database that users can contribute to!

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