Do You Listen to Digital Strips?

We first heard about Frappr from Yirmumah and later when Comixpedia started mapping all the web cartoonists in the world. Now we can’t not be sheep here and not fall in line with the rest of the farm. So visit us at our Frappr site and tell us why any in their right mind would listen to us.


9 thoughts on “Do You Listen to Digital Strips?

  1. I’m a regular listener. Every single week. I am amazed at how quickly frappr has caught on. It’s astounding. Anyway, you guys are doing a great service to the webcomic “community” so of course I listen. My comic is at

    yep, I’m pretty shameless 😛 And apparently, I’m the only listener in Illinois.

  2. Nah, I’ve never listened to the PODcast. I just like posting silly anonymous comments to the blog.

  3. I listen every week, it’s some good stuff. You’ve expanded my webcomic list to an almost inhuman amount of reading though, damn the both of you.

    So, between drawing my comic and reading all the ones I’ve got on my list I don’t have much time for anything else anymore. Maybe the occassional pack of ramen to keep me going, but that’s it.

  4. Yep. I pretty much listen every chance I get. Not to destroy your carefully constructed blinders, but I suspect a lot of people listen.


    You fellas put together a good show, full of interesting commentary on and about webcomics.

    Keep it up.

  5. A review episode without Phil Kahn???

    I’ll listen next week, but I’ll be making my angry face.

    Seriously, great show, as usual.

  6. I am a brand new listener. I found the podcast from a link on Devil’s Panties (since she was on show 48). I intend to go through the archives to listen to the past shows still available.

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