Web Comic Wrap-up

I felt bad last week that we were not keeping up with all the news, but that was before I tried to find some to post today. It’s as if almost nothing happened and everyone went on vacation. What could have possibly caused that to happen? At least I know now it wasn’t the turkey.

Frank Miller – He may be one of the younger gods but he’s still a god among us mere mortals. So what does it mean when he joins up with Hideo Kojima to release a digital comic? The new “Metal Gear Solid BD” will coincide with the launch of a ?digital comic? version for the PSP.

You’ll Have That – It seems Wes is always looking for more work. Now he’s trying to spread the word beyond Zoinks! by getting into college papers. From the press release: If you’d like to see YHT in your college newspaper or alternative newspaper, please e-mail the name of the publication and it’s editor along with an address (physical or e-mail) where we can contact the editor.

Joystiq – The online gaming magazine is now holding a weekly poll on the best gaming comic (single day strip) for the week along with their roundup. Head over and throw in your vote.


1 thought on “Web Comic Wrap-up

  1. I swear, Daku. If this Miller/Kojima thing turns out to be a hoax I will rend your flesh.

    Webcomics and MGS coming together? I don’t think I could handle such unmitigated joy.

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