DS 659: Frankie Fearless

Peter Griffin from Family Guy talks on the local news about what Grinds His Gears

This episode is full of non-standard and more modern ways of reading comics. We check in on Evan Dahm’s first foray into Webtoons with his reposting of Vattu, DC Comics’ first Webtoon in Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, and Scott Kurtz gets a double exposure as we look at his short collaboration on Superman with Karl Kerschl as well as the comic that has temporarily taken the place of PvP, the cathartic Mort. Even after all of that, we still have time to get weird and geeky with Frankie Fearless, available only on Tinyview!


How Mary Worth Beat Superman

Anyone on the street will tell you that “comics” mean “superhero comics.” With the rise of Batman, Captain America and the Avengers from the back of the dingily-lit comic store, to the summer blockbuster every year (forever) that person on the street might even be able to tell you everything about their favourite Hero, without ever having seen a comic book.

By Yale Stewart – JL8 #2

Online, it’s a different matter. Sure, superhero webcomics exist, but how many of them do you see in a given ‘Top 10″ or ‘best of‘ list? How many of them do you read?

Not many – because Superhero comics lack something special, something integral to digital success: something comics like Mary Worth figured out a long time ago. Continue reading


Shinney’s Shenanigans Show (feat. Sigler) Episode 10: You Said Did Do

A typical, cheery office Christmas partyWelcome! This is Tom, he’ll be smelling your face. Also, we learn about Steve and Jason’s zombie survival plans, why Steve thinks being a decent human being is a superpower, and the tough decisions that superheroes must make every day. Email your thoughts and questions to sugar_24_2000@yahoo.com!


Episode 439: Your Flash Is Not My Flash

Batman and Superman star in an animated film togetherWe have opinions! About things we haven’t seen or experienced for ourselves! Welcome to the internet! Both Steve and Jason have seen enough of Zack Snyder’s previous body of work to know what to expect though, and that makes up the bulk of their distaste. But have no fear, because webcomics are here to turn that gray, gloomy day into a blue, bright one! Jason reminds us how awesome The Meek and Randall Munroe are, and Steve wants us to think long and hard about our opinions on non sequitur comics with Mr. Lovenstein and nellucnhoj. After the outro, it’s a two-fer deal on Rambletrons with discussions about things Steve will never admit to owning and misunderstood nursery rhymes.