Episode 439: Your Flash Is Not My Flash

Batman and Superman star in an animated film togetherWe have opinions! About things we haven’t seen or experienced for ourselves! Welcome to the internet! Both Steve and Jason have seen enough of Zack Snyder’s previous body of work to know what to expect though, and that makes up the bulk of their distaste. But have no fear, because webcomics are here to turn that gray, gloomy day into a blue, bright one! Jason reminds us how awesome The Meek and Randall Munroe are, and Steve wants us to think long and hard about our opinions on non sequitur comics with Mr. Lovenstein and nellucnhoj. After the outro, it’s a two-fer deal on Rambletrons with discussions about things Steve will never admit to owning and misunderstood nursery rhymes.


Digital Strips 234 – Horizons Watch: Corporate Skull and Kick Girl

UPDATED: Midnight here, filling in for Steve, who once again darted off to points unknown with nary a word beforehand. I’ll fill in the blanks for this episode via his hastily scrawled notes. Also, I promise not to sound so off-in-a-cave-somewhere-ish next time.

It’s only right to start this Horizons Watch episode with a comic that shows tremendous promise, despite only having one page posted thus far:

Next up, a mention of the perfect “WTF But This Is Awesome” comic on the web trifecta comprised of:

What is indie? What does this term mean for the various mediums it inhabits? Listen up in the first segment for our thoughts on the matter…

Definitely not in the WTF camp but certainly worth mentioning whenever possible:

This week’s Webcomics News Minute (10:45) has some great mentions, all in a neat, compact case you can carry in your pocket!

Other comics mentioned in our wake:

The music in the Music Break comes to us from the land of goodness that is Overclocked Remix. This particular remix is titled “Mega Man 2: QuickDraw” (17:36). I miss my arm cannon already…

Our Horizons picks this week are varied and awesome, as (nearly) always.

In our discussions we also bring up:

Finally, check the outtakes for that engaging conversation about the previously mentioned Messed Up Amish Guy.