Digital Strips 234 – Horizons Watch: Corporate Skull and Kick Girl

UPDATED: Midnight here, filling in for Steve, who once again darted off to points unknown with nary a word beforehand. I’ll fill in the blanks for this episode via his hastily scrawled notes. Also, I promise not to sound so off-in-a-cave-somewhere-ish next time.

It’s only right to start this Horizons Watch episode with a comic that shows tremendous promise, despite only having one page posted thus far:

Next up, a mention of the perfect “WTF But This Is Awesome” comic on the web trifecta comprised of:

What is indie? What does this term mean for the various mediums it inhabits? Listen up in the first segment for our thoughts on the matter…

Definitely not in the WTF camp but certainly worth mentioning whenever possible:

This week’s Webcomics News Minute (10:45) has some great mentions, all in a neat, compact case you can carry in your pocket!

Other comics mentioned in our wake:

The music in the Music Break comes to us from the land of goodness that is Overclocked Remix. This particular remix is titled “Mega Man 2: QuickDraw” (17:36). I miss my arm cannon already…

Our Horizons picks this week are varied and awesome, as (nearly) always.

In our discussions we also bring up:

Finally, check the outtakes for that engaging conversation about the previously mentioned Messed Up Amish Guy.


Dr. Mcninja + Axecop ~EQUALS~ ZOMFG!!!!1!!LOLZ!!!11

As reported by Comics Alliance (and re-reported over on our Facebook page, which you’d know if you Liked us), the two silliest, most awesomest stars ever to hit a computer screen are teaming up and the ensuing blast is sure to melt faces and warm hearts. Words can’t begin to express how much this is going to rock and it starts a week from today!

Awesome + awesome = RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME


You Need To Go Now ~AND~ Read Axecop (UPDATED)

This one comes late in the day, straight from the Twitters (via Lucas Turnbloom, creator of Imagine This and the latest participant in the Digital Strips Adventures experiment) and it will make your day, no doubt about it.

Reading like an Adult Swim bit, Axecop purports to be written by 5-year-old Malachai Nicolle and his brother, 29-year-old Ethan Nicolle. The story behind the strip is strange and fascinating enough, but it’s when you actually get to the “story” that the true magic begins.

Try, just try to imagine the kind of things a child would conjure up to be drawn by a very capable comic artist, and then multiply that by at least a hundred. Seriously, this is just stupid, madcap, beautiful, zany, insane stuff and you would be an idiot for not checking it out ASAP. And if that weren’t enough, it also offers up a slick website that features a Flash comic reader unlike any I’ve ever seen. Go scan through a strip or two and tweet it to the mountaintops, like every other creator on Twitter has been doing all day.

UPDATE: And… this comic has officially blown up. Entertainment Weekly decided to make Axecop their Site of the Day and BAM! The site is suspended. Of course, I like to think that my scoop here contributed to this monumental overflow of bandwidth, but regardless, Axecop ain’t goin’ away any time soon! And when the site comes back up, you can find that out for yourself as well.