Episode 392: Because They’re Pinecones, You Stupid Hedgehog (Horizons Watch feat. Behind the GIFs and Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Left Shark as BatmanCelebrate Shark Week like it’s Shark Week because it SHOULD be Shark Week (thanks, Katy Perry)! After a brief Super Bowl recap, we check in with Hypersonic Music Club by Hiroyuki Takahashi and Patrick Macias and Let’s Speak English by Mary Cagle. Then, we dive into a couple of new-ish comics with Kat Swenski’s Behind the GIFs and a new take on a classic; Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Nick Arganbright and Eryck Webb.

The midshow music is provided by Rob Gasser.


Episode 360: You Tricked (Illusioned) Me All Night Long (Horizons Watch feat. All Night and The Conjurers)

Mystique from X-Men: The Last Stand (poster in Spanish)What is your favorite X-Men movie? Wrong! With that out of the way, let Steve and Jason inform you about The Eternally Injured Ninja and Junior Scientist Power Hour while also taking a harder look at B. Sabo’s All Night and Brian Anderson’s The Conjurers. We also talk about what tablets/laptops to buy (or not buy) and Kickstarters that are fully funded. Stay up and sit a spell!

Midshow background music (again) provided by “Welcome To My Kastle“, a remix of a sweet Super Mario 64 track by DDRKirby(ISQ) (because apparently Steve doesn’t pay attention to what music I’ve used in the past)


Episode 356: The ONLY Boy and His Duck (Horizons Watch feat. Fowl Language and The Only Living Boy)

Mrs. Doubtfire hangs out with his kids

Jason muses on the possibilities of a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel and massive poop travel emergencies, and Steve admits his shame publicly while giving Jason a new nickname. They also join forces to pick apart Fowl Language and The Only Living Boy. We’ve only been at this for seven years but already we’re getting hot flashes.



Digital Strips Podcast 296 – Horizons Watch – Shiver Bureau and Zen Pencils

Hey, this episode worked! We celebrate a successful recording with Poo Talk! What do you like to do when you number two? Do your BMs come at inopportune moments? How about when you’re out for a nice stroll? Or working up a sweat with a few-mile run? What to do when you find yourself needing to squat, and over a mile from the homebase! Steve has even thought up a slogan for Nike, “Just do it where you want to do it”. Catchy, I think.

Eventually webcomics come back up in conversation, so we talk about those for a while, too. Here’s the quick version of what we’ve been reading and discussing in the last week.

This whole episode felt so casual, it felt only right to continue that easy, breezy mood with the music selection. “A Hint of Blue” (14:43 by Gibs and Mordi) from the smash-hit SNES title, Donkey Kong Country, chills things out for our upcoming discussion. I found it funny that the score for the water stages in DKC mellowed me out, but the action they contained was anything but serene. Trying to strike a balance, I suppose? We also chat about the possibilities the Wii U holds for us this November, for those who are up on the current gaming trends (mine is pre-ordered, you?)

Horizons Watch brings us two different webcomics to talk about, both in terms of where they’ve been thus far in their relatively short lifespan and where the promise of their quality might take them in the future. Our picks this time are:

Two promising, young comics, two very distinct personalities contained therein. Join our discussion as we ponder these other, important topics: Saved By The Bell and the WTF-iness of Tori, whether or not the famed boxer’s actual name was “Muhammedah Lee”, Lovecraft is Missing (23:13), a long-forgotten Michael Jackson classic, just who is this Gary, and your pick on the ballot in this election season (Steve’s voting for ( o )( o ) ). Discuss below!


Digital Strips Podcast 255 – Horizons Watch – Space Pest Removal and Power Nap (Looney Tunes Is Racist And We Love It Anyways)

Pepe Le PewThis is one of the least-focused shows we’ve done in a while, and the energy benefits from that scatter-brained-ness. Example? We talk about sports, and neither of us particularly like sports, or at least not typical, America sports. The closest thing to a fight song that Steve had heard at a live sporting event is circa 1953. So yeah, we know our stuff. That, plus Steve, despite arguments to the contrary, can’t seem to shake Brendan Fraser off his brain.

But hey, we actually manage to mention some webcomics amongst the insanity!

I have a propensity for leading us into the second segment with a game remix courtesy of the amazing remixers hanging around Overclocked Remix, and today’s pick is yet another that proves the music of the 8-bit era far eclipses that of the current generation in terms of depth and simplicity. That tune is from the Metroid series, entitled, “Suite for Violin and Piano”, and I encourage you to go check out the entire piece on the OCRemix site. Incredible stuff.

News Minute! Stuff is happening, though not a ton, really. Most of these can be found, oddly enough, on our site!

As part of the JManga conversation, I must also mention a ridiculously popular bit of oddness titled Crayon Shin-chan (15:05). The only comic I checked out on the JManga service, Shin-chan appears to center upon a five-year old who uses his naughty bits as a punchline. A lot. Moving right along…

The next rock break is brought to us via some rockin’ and a squealin’, courtesy of the band Pierced Arrows and their song, “Guns of Thunder” (18:08).

Finally, we come to our Horizons segment, where this time we’re checking out two comics that, while wildly different in tone, both offer some interesting new reading experiences.

It should be noted that Space Pest Removal came to us from the creator, straight to our inbox, so writing in with your comic and a pleasant request to be reviewed can work (as many of you have already discovered, and thank you for that!). Power Nap, on the other hand, exploded on the Web a couple of weeks ago, so many already know of its potential and incredibleness. Some other comics mentioned in our discussions:

If you choose, we’ve also got a lengthy outtakes section after the brief outro, where it is posited that Pepe Le Pew was not only a rapist, but a terrible one at that. Enjoy!


Digital Strips Podcast 248 – Horizons Watch: Free Mars and Oyster Wars (That Should Rhyme, But It Doesn’t)

Mario NOOOOO!!!It’s a holiday here in America. I really don’t think I need to say that though. We Americans are pretty outspoken about our holidays. I don’t think too many people are caught off guard by any one of them any more (except Mother’s Day, which sneak attacks thousands of men every year). This goes along with the general theme of being American of “non-sublety.” We are not a nation of ninjas, I’ll tell you what.

Anyway, it’s time for another episode of Digital Strips Horizon’s Watch. This month we bring two more quality up and comers to the Brotherhood of Web Comics for your approval. First we do Free Mars by Dave Pauwels and Nicolas R. Giacondino, a grungy, flowing and epic tale of the rock and roll and the revolution of Mars. Next we go back in time to the days of Reconstruction, wood ships and piracy with Oyster War by Ben Towle one of those neo-oldschool comics that I love so much.

We also talk about Mario and video games in general for a bit. I share a little life lesson I learned about eavesdropping on old people and Jason raves about having a Mac.

We then hear the first of our Mario themed songs, “Pipes” by Seventh Epic.

We then go to news. Jason mentions a couple new comics. Bucko and Cochlea and Eustachea (Jason couldn’t say it properly so I can’t find it, if you can translate his babbling into a link, let me know EDIT: Link now present and working. You’re welcome. – MIDNIGHT). Then we talk about Kate Beaton, Meredith Gran and Carly Monardo take on “Strong Female Characters” and about how I apparently don’t know enough dirty words.

We then hit the latest book releases from Scenes from a Multiverse and Imagine This.

The mushroom popping tunes continue with “Monstrous Turtles” by Zircon.

We finally get in to the reviews, giving both comics the what for. We also mention Spacetrawler, Ellie Connelly and Rigby the Barbarian. We talk a lot about scope and how some stories don’t have a good sense of it.

Sorry, I’m wrapping this up. It’s about time for me to celebrate the birth of my nation by eating pancakes in the park. God bless America. And pancakes.


Digital Strips Podcast 244 – Weiner’s Weenies (Horizons Watch feat. Cucumber Quest and The Abaddon)

When it comes to finding new, exciting, promising webcomics, Digital Strips has always been right in the thick of it, reviewing the big ones before they got big, and skimming the shallowest of archives in search of the best and brightest that the world of digital comics has to offer. Horizons Watch carries on that grand tradition and we’ve got two great contenders on tap for this show.

But first, the silliness we like to bottle up and deliver via our first segment! Hope you like movies and/or movie clips, because we’ve got a plethora of them. And yes, I can say we have a plethora, because I know what a plethora is (bonus film reference!).

If you recognize the first music break (10:02), then you’ve obviously played one of the best games of 2011: Portal 2. And the best news of all, this song, and all the others on the Portal 2 Official Soundtrack Vol. 1, can be yours for free. Valve (creator of Portal and other fine video games) is cool like that.

Our second segment contains our first bit of actual webcomics talk with the Digital Strips News Minute! On the docket this go ’round:

Not a great deal of news to talk about, but what’s there is juicy. Does anyone who follows webcomics in the more focused sense even care about either Comics.com or GoComics.com (which Steve freely admits to thinking were one and the same)? How about another go at it for the Least I Could Do animated show? And PC Weenies is undoubtedly worth pouring one out for, if not two or even three, given its twelve year run. Here’s hoping we hear more from Krishna in the future.

We also mentioned (12:16) David Malki ! of Wondermark in our discussions, an incredibly hilarious and wonderfully old-fashioned romp of a comic in its own right.

Before we launch into our 20th Horizons Watch, take a listen to (16:58) Rocketship Park’s “Swan”, a perfect companion piece to our latest episode of Put Up or Shut Up.

Our two comics speak for themselves in terms of their quality and content:

Cucumber Quest, in particular, begs a brief mention of (22:16) Tiny Kitten Teeth, and The Abaddon… well, lets just say that LOST is mentioned and the rest is just a furious haze. I’m pretty sure I may have done something to Steve’s outro, though. Might take a listen to that.

All in all a great discussion, a spirited bout, a perfect way to cap off the 20th Horizons Watch. Here’s to twenty or so more!