Digital Strips Podcast 255 – Horizons Watch – Space Pest Removal and Power Nap (Looney Tunes Is Racist And We Love It Anyways)

Pepe Le PewThis is one of the least-focused shows we’ve done in a while, and the energy benefits from that scatter-brained-ness. Example? We talk about sports, and neither of us particularly like sports, or at least not typical, America sports. The closest thing to a fight song that Steve had heard at a live sporting event is circa 1953. So yeah, we know our stuff. That, plus Steve, despite arguments to the contrary, can’t seem to shake Brendan Fraser off his brain.

But hey, we actually manage to mention some webcomics amongst the insanity!

I have a propensity for leading us into the second segment with a game remix courtesy of the amazing remixers hanging around Overclocked Remix, and today’s pick is yet another that proves the music of the 8-bit era far eclipses that of the current generation in terms of depth and simplicity. That tune is from the Metroid series, entitled, “Suite for Violin and Piano”, and I encourage you to go check out the entire piece on the OCRemix site. Incredible stuff.

News Minute! Stuff is happening, though not a ton, really. Most of these can be found, oddly enough, on our site!

As part of the JManga conversation, I must also mention a ridiculously popular bit of oddness titled Crayon Shin-chan (15:05). The only comic I checked out on the JManga service, Shin-chan appears to center upon a five-year old who uses his naughty bits as a punchline. A lot. Moving right along…

The next rock break is brought to us via some rockin’ and a squealin’, courtesy of the band Pierced Arrows and their song, “Guns of Thunder” (18:08).

Finally, we come to our Horizons segment, where this time we’re checking out two comics that, while wildly different in tone, both offer some interesting new reading experiences.

It should be noted that Space Pest Removal came to us from the creator, straight to our inbox, so writing in with your comic and a pleasant request to be reviewed can work (as many of you have already discovered, and thank you for that!). Power Nap, on the other hand, exploded on the Web a couple of weeks ago, so many already know of its potential and incredibleness. Some other comics mentioned in our discussions:

If you choose, we’ve also got a lengthy outtakes section after the brief outro, where it is posited that Pepe Le Pew was not only a rapist, but a terrible one at that. Enjoy!