Digital Strips Podcast 244 – Weiner’s Weenies (Horizons Watch feat. Cucumber Quest and The Abaddon)

When it comes to finding new, exciting, promising webcomics, Digital Strips has always been right in the thick of it, reviewing the big ones before they got big, and skimming the shallowest of archives in search of the best and brightest that the world of digital comics has to offer. Horizons Watch carries on that grand tradition and we’ve got two great contenders on tap for this show.

But first, the silliness we like to bottle up and deliver via our first segment! Hope you like movies and/or movie clips, because we’ve got a plethora of them. And yes, I can say we have a plethora, because I know what a plethora is (bonus film reference!).

If you recognize the first music break (10:02), then you’ve obviously played one of the best games of 2011: Portal 2. And the best news of all, this song, and all the others on the Portal 2 Official Soundtrack Vol. 1, can be yours for free. Valve (creator of Portal and other fine video games) is cool like that.

Our second segment contains our first bit of actual webcomics talk with the Digital Strips News Minute! On the docket this go ’round:

Not a great deal of news to talk about, but what’s there is juicy. Does anyone who follows webcomics in the more focused sense even care about either or (which Steve freely admits to thinking were one and the same)? How about another go at it for the Least I Could Do animated show? And PC Weenies is undoubtedly worth pouring one out for, if not two or even three, given its twelve year run. Here’s hoping we hear more from Krishna in the future.

We also mentioned (12:16) David Malki ! of Wondermark in our discussions, an incredibly hilarious and wonderfully old-fashioned romp of a comic in its own right.

Before we launch into our 20th Horizons Watch, take a listen to (16:58) Rocketship Park’s “Swan”, a perfect companion piece to our latest episode of Put Up or Shut Up.

Our two comics speak for themselves in terms of their quality and content:

Cucumber Quest, in particular, begs a brief mention of (22:16) Tiny Kitten Teeth, and The Abaddon… well, lets just say that LOST is mentioned and the rest is just a furious haze. I’m pretty sure I may have done something to Steve’s outro, though. Might take a listen to that.

All in all a great discussion, a spirited bout, a perfect way to cap off the 20th Horizons Watch. Here’s to twenty or so more!