Digital Strips Podcast 296 – Horizons Watch – Shiver Bureau and Zen Pencils

Hey, this episode worked! We celebrate a successful recording with Poo Talk! What do you like to do when you number two? Do your BMs come at inopportune moments? How about when you’re out for a nice stroll? Or working up a sweat with a few-mile run? What to do when you find yourself needing to squat, and over a mile from the homebase! Steve has even thought up a slogan for Nike, “Just do it where you want to do it”. Catchy, I think.

Eventually webcomics come back up in conversation, so we talk about those for a while, too. Here’s the quick version of what we’ve been reading and discussing in the last week.

This whole episode felt so casual, it felt only right to continue that easy, breezy mood with the music selection. “A Hint of Blue” (14:43 by Gibs and Mordi) from the smash-hit SNES title, Donkey Kong Country, chills things out for our upcoming discussion. I found it funny that the score for the water stages in DKC mellowed me out, but the action they contained was anything but serene. Trying to strike a balance, I suppose? We also chat about the possibilities the Wii U holds for us this November, for those who are up on the current gaming trends (mine is pre-ordered, you?)

Horizons Watch brings us two different webcomics to talk about, both in terms of where they’ve been thus far in their relatively short lifespan and where the promise of their quality might take them in the future. Our picks this time are:

Two promising, young comics, two very distinct personalities contained therein. Join our discussion as we ponder these other, important topics: Saved By The Bell and the WTF-iness of Tori, whether or not the famed boxer’s actual name was “Muhammedah Lee”, Lovecraft is Missing (23:13), a long-forgotten Michael Jackson classic, just who is this Gary, and your pick on the ballot in this election season (Steve’s voting for ( o )( o ) ). Discuss below!


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