DS 81: Review of No Pink Ponies

Digital Strips : Show 81
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We’re finally back to the podcasting after our little ConnectiCon break. This time Wednesday picks a short yet sweet comic that’s not about a video game store. YAY! Be sure to stay through the end as I have a special treat as I finally dug up our original theme.

In this episode we talk about:

  • No Pink Ponies by Remy “Eisu” Mokhtar
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    A word… On More Online Entertainment

    In our domain, many a hobbyist has found their creative outlet to remove themselves from their work a day world in this vast internet of comic virtue. For most it is all that is required and certainly all that can be handled, but there are a precious few who have found that not only can they handle their Web Comic, but the comic itself is not outlet enough for them.

    Nate Peikos, is such an individual. Most of us know him as the founder of Blambot.com, where he creates premium quality comic fonts, but our dear Mr. Peikos has found a way to be much more. Continue reading


    The Game Name ~OR~ I Liked It! I Really Liked It!

    A funny thing happened to me tonight. While taking some notes for a review of Press Start to Play by Adam Law and Darryl Walker, which recently became a founding contributor to the gaming comics collective, Gamers Pair of Dice, my opinion of the strip evolved over the course of my page and a half of thoughts, good and bad, on this seemingly derivative webcomic (it is, after all, a gaming strip).

    Before assembling my opinions, my first impression was that it did nothing new for the genre and so it should be largely ignored by your webcomic pull-lists. However, while putting together bulleted lists, Continue reading


    Anything You Can Do… ~OR~ Congrats!

    Well I’ve been waiting on the totals all weekend, but it is now official: last week was the biggest week in webcomics EVER. There were not one, but TWO huge announcements that came out of the annual San Diego Comic-Con. First, at the Eisner Award ceremony, Scott Kurtz was presented with the Best Digital Comic award. Not to be outdone, D.J. Coffman was announced as the winner of the Comic Book Challenge, with his property, “Hero By Night”?, being optioned for production in both print and television. Suddenly, we’ve got two mega-super-giganta-celebrities on our hands. Can anything top such a huge, blockbuster week? Funny you should say that.

    I’ve been sitting on this jaw-dropper for some time now, but today I got the go-ahead phone call to give Digital Strips the exclusive first. Together, with Stan Lee, Steven Spielberg, Joss Whedon, and Jesus Christ, I am bringing my own new property, “Erotic Samurai Lesbians from Mars”? to the big screen. After the movie drops in the Summer of 2008, the ESLM will head to Cartoon Network for a guaranteed five-year cartoon series. This series will be supplemented by an ongoing comic book, a five-novel book series, and finish up with another feature film, produced and directed by Peter Jackson. Seriously, this is the ONLY thing that would be big enough to take away from these two huge pieces of news. Congratulations to both Scott Kurtz and D.J. Coffman for their achievements and here’s to hoping there’s nowhere to go from here but up.


    Congratulations, I guess

    So, those idiots over at the Eisner commitee decided to give one to that big loser Scott Kurtz. Do they have any idea what this is going to do to his already disgusting ego?

    “I put my pants on one leg at a time, just like you guys do… ‘course once they’re on, I make Eisner nominated comics!” -Scott Kurtz

    What a jerk.

    Just kidding. Congratulations, Scott. I know what it means to you as a comics and webcomics enthusiast to be given what is, truly, the highest earnable accolade. Well done.


    Dear Web Comic Creators…

    Welcome back one and all! I know you had fun in San Diego, your Convention Updates told me so. Told me all about the sites the sounds and the cool people you met. That’s terrific, really it is, but now you can all get back to your usual grind at the drawing board. You can all go back to placing your characters in cleverly outlandish (or even more cleverly INlandish) positions and you can continue to fill me in on the specifics of your everyday mundane (but amusing) lives.

    Continue reading


    Yirmumah! Goes To Keenspot

    That title looks a little more boring then the Napoleon Dynamite quote I was trying to rip off. The web comic community loves Keenspot, whether it’s in complete awe of their presence or a hate born of jealousy. Whichever camp you belong in I’ll be the first to admit he’s at the top of the game when it comes to marketing. On the heels of losing Sinfest and the imminent creation of the Geekfur collective the Keen 4 have made a serious of announcements at Comic-Con that left me all squishy.
    Continue reading