Yirmumah! Goes To Keenspot

That title looks a little more boring then the Napoleon Dynamite quote I was trying to rip off. The web comic community loves Keenspot, whether it’s in complete awe of their presence or a hate born of jealousy. Whichever camp you belong in I’ll be the first to admit he’s at the top of the game when it comes to marketing. On the heels of losing Sinfest and the imminent creation of the Geekfur collective the Keen 4 have made a serious of announcements at Comic-Con that left me all squishy.
Yirmumah! – Talk about having a good day. DJ Coffman ran screaming with squeals of delight at the chance to show just one more way why everyone should pay attention. Yesterday Yirmumah joined the Keenspot powerhouse but that’s only half the news. What could be bigger then invitation to one of the most prestigious collectives? Why but winning the Comic Book Challenge from Platinum Studios! His entry is impressive and got my vote and now I’m dying to see what the final product will be.

Superosity – Crosby’s own comic caught the eye of a new animation company which has ordered into production 13 episodes of Angelipups, a 3D computer-animated children’s series based on the show-within-a-strip from Superosity. Crosby wrote the pilot script and has been commissioned to write additional episodes. Angelipups follows the adventures of a group of winged, candy-colored puppies who live in the sky and are responsible for keeping clouds fluffy.

Sales and Marketing – Keenspot is launching a major web-based marketing campaign the size of which is thus far unprecedented forweb comicss. Keenspot’s fall marketing initiative will expose more than 15 million new readers to Keenspot, and possibly tweb comicscs in general. Last January, Keenspot assembled a small ad sales team led by Albert H. Crane III, a former VP of Primetime Ad Sales for CBS Television Network as well as an East Coast Sales Manager for Salon.com.


2 thoughts on “Yirmumah! Goes To Keenspot

  1. I feel like I\’ve been all over the net giving props to DJ – so one more won\’t hurt. Congrats, DJ!

    That aside, the whole Keenspot world is such an alien concept to me. I just don\’t travel in those circles. I don\’t read Keenspot or interact with many of the creators in the network.

    So it boggles my mind to think that they\’re large to hire their own ad-guy. Crazy.

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