Dear Web Comic Creators…

Welcome back one and all! I know you had fun in San Diego, your Convention Updates told me so. Told me all about the sites the sounds and the cool people you met. That’s terrific, really it is, but now you can all get back to your usual grind at the drawing board. You can all go back to placing your characters in cleverly outlandish (or even more cleverly INlandish) positions and you can continue to fill me in on the specifics of your everyday mundane (but amusing) lives.

Now, I am aware that technically your strip never ceased during the time you were gone. I saw the guest strips. They were nice.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the guest strips. I got a whole new variety of strips I had never seen before and got a few good reads out of it, but They weren’t yours, dearest creator. I went to your site looking for YOUR strip. Not the strip a good friend of yours made for you. I wanted to know how your protagonists were doing and what they were up to. Did they get the girl? Did they get the guy? Did they realize they like girls or guys? Was their villain defeated? Meager (but lovely) guest strips cannot give me the answer to these. Only YOU, greater creator, can tell us for certain.

So, welcome back, but if you would please file your new comic purchases, save your new email buddies’ addresses, strategically shelve your awards, and please return to the wonders of the online creations that I first fell in love with.

I’ve been going through withdrawl and I need my fix.


5 thoughts on “Dear Web Comic Creators…

  1. Guest Strips are for WOMEN! I was whisked away on a crazy trip, and my site updated like clockwork while I was away.

    I don\’t mind reading guest strips though. Those guys do deserve a break.

  2. But guest strips provide so much insight into a creator\’s mind! For the one DOING the strip, it\’s the chance to shine, to show their stuff, to take advantage of another site\’s high traffic to get exposure and finally be recognized for their immense talent and potential.

    As for the creator posting the guest\’s work, it let\’s us see just who their friends really are. How? Because some guest strips SUCK. Some of that crap could only come from a friendship so pure and so deep that it surpasses all forms of sucktitude.

  3. I\’m generally hesitant when it comes to reading guest strips, but mostly that\’s because if I\’m reading a webcomic regularly it\’s because I think the creator is exceptionally good at what they do. The guests often are not as good, so \”guest strip\” often means \”reduction in quality\”.

    However there have been notable exceptions. I thought that the guest strip which Ryan Sias did for PvP last week was excellent – which is no small achievement considering the shoes he had to fill.

  4. I agree. I believe that \”Tales by Tavern Light\” (drawn and co-written by Paul Southworth of Ugly Hill.) are exceptionally terrific. love the art and the delivery.

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