Anything You Can Do… ~OR~ Congrats!

Well I’ve been waiting on the totals all weekend, but it is now official: last week was the biggest week in webcomics EVER. There were not one, but TWO huge announcements that came out of the annual San Diego Comic-Con. First, at the Eisner Award ceremony, Scott Kurtz was presented with the Best Digital Comic award. Not to be outdone, D.J. Coffman was announced as the winner of the Comic Book Challenge, with his property, “Hero By Night”?, being optioned for production in both print and television. Suddenly, we’ve got two mega-super-giganta-celebrities on our hands. Can anything top such a huge, blockbuster week? Funny you should say that.

I’ve been sitting on this jaw-dropper for some time now, but today I got the go-ahead phone call to give Digital Strips the exclusive first. Together, with Stan Lee, Steven Spielberg, Joss Whedon, and Jesus Christ, I am bringing my own new property, “Erotic Samurai Lesbians from Mars”? to the big screen. After the movie drops in the Summer of 2008, the ESLM will head to Cartoon Network for a guaranteed five-year cartoon series. This series will be supplemented by an ongoing comic book, a five-novel book series, and finish up with another feature film, produced and directed by Peter Jackson. Seriously, this is the ONLY thing that would be big enough to take away from these two huge pieces of news. Congratulations to both Scott Kurtz and D.J. Coffman for their achievements and here’s to hoping there’s nowhere to go from here but up.


2 thoughts on “Anything You Can Do… ~OR~ Congrats!

  1. Geez! I thought I was, like, your \’official\’ artist friend and not a hint of erotic lesbians gets tossed my way! Some people!! See if I send you a free copy of \’Bra-Man\’ now!

    Later! 😉

  2. Crap! I\’m not used to having friends! I\’m sorry, Lar!

    So what is it friends do? They… share things? Like lesbians and… bra-men?

    I think I\’m going to like being friends!

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