ConnetiCon 2006 Interviews – Highlight Reel

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Hey, folks. Phil here with a highlight reel of interviews with over a dozen webcartoonists at ConnectiCon 2006. There’ll be more videos nearly every day until they’re all up. Stay tuned.

Produced & Directed by Phil Kahn and Heiko Ramirez


Jennie Breeden
Dave Cheung
Brian Clevinger
Rich Dachtera
Greg Dean
Meredith Gran
Liz Greenfield
Mohammed “Hawk” Haque
Ananth Panagariya
Chris Hastings
Jeph Jacques
Michael “Mookie” Terracciano
Chris Whetstone
Clay Yount

Copyright 2006 Digital Strips


6 thoughts on “ConnetiCon 2006 Interviews – Highlight Reel

  1. That was a great video guys. I seriously can\’t wait for more.

    I watch them and think \”If I were being interviewed, I would come off far less cool.\”

    At any rate, have you guys thought about packaging your Conneticon experience and selling it as a DVD, or something?

    Even short form. It would be worth it!

  2. Thanks, Tom. Honestly, the legal hassles involved in such an operation would be immense. Fact one, we\’d\’ve had to have gotten permission from the con itself first, to film there for money. Second, we\’d have to get release forms from everyone. And I doubt they\’ll all ever be in the same place again anytime soon.

    So, probably more hassle than it\’s worth. Until next year that is…

  3. Good job fellas! It was nice putting some faces to names. I always pictured Jeph Jacques as a little emo kid crying in a corner somewhere, I\’m glad he looks like a normal man with a cool shirt and those ear stretch things. πŸ™‚

    I wish you guys would go out to SDCC for a day or two– maybe next year?

  4. Drew: Jeph, in person, is actually a really buff 6\’1\” dude.

    And I know I\’m planning on making it to SDCC next year. We\’ll probably do the interview thing if we go as a group.

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