A Word… On My Newest Idol

Kazu Kibuishi is an accomplished creator of print and web comics alike. His print work includes Daisy Kutter, the up and coming Amulet, and his most lucrative project yet, the Flight anthologies. His online endeavors (hosted on his web site: boltcity.com) include Clive and Cabbage and the ever gorgeous Copper.

Kazu’s creativity, observant imagination, and clean sense of craft have recently won him the Web Comic Choice Award for “Outstanding Environment Design”, and has proven himself one of the great rising stars of the medium of comics (both web based and otherwise). It was then to my great pleasure that I found two lovely and very tasteful interviews with him concerning his work schedule and process.

The first interview [Found at PublisherWeekly.com] was relatively short, very sweet, and tastefully informative.

The second Interview [Found at ToddandPenguin.com] is similarly short and tasteful.

From the two of these I have gleaned some precious information of one of my new comic idols and I hope you enjoy them as well. For an experience of Kazu’s imaginative style visit the Copper comic strip and take a look through the archive. It should only take a few minutes, but the images will stay with you for hours.


1 thought on “A Word… On My Newest Idol

  1. I really enjoy Kazu\’s work – I picked up Flight 3 recently, and his story (out of several that were already excellent) stood out for me. He seems to have achieved a nice balance between clear, consistent storytelling and vivid yet simple imagery. His use of color is simply amazing.

    And Copper itself truly deserves the accolades that are heaped on it. It really is one of the best webcomics out there.

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