I’ve Been Spending All My Life, Living in a Gamers PairofDice

As I’ve said in the very recent past, web comic collectives are popping up like weeds. Gaming comics have been doing so for a long time. Neither has shown any sign of stopping in the near future. Yesterday a new collective of gaming comics, called Gamers PairofDice was launched yesterday.

Gamers PairofDice (pair of dice/paradise, get it?) consists of five game related comics. The ranks are comprised of Commissioned Comics, Digital Unrest, Dueling Analog, Extralife and Press Start to Play. Despite the name suggesting more of a dependence on board games or at least table top RPG gaming but only Commissioned deals with these games. The others are all about video and computer games.

What makes this new group different from all over groups in my mind, is I actually read and like all these comics. Every other comic collective that I visit always has a “fat kid” or two who really aren’t up to snuff with the rest of the gang.

I also like the idea of a themed collective, this way people don’t have to check the whole Internet looking for gaming comics (not that it would be a hard search or anything, but still). I look forward to seeing more comics joining this collective and other comics forming there own themed web comics collectives.


2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Spending All My Life, Living in a Gamers PairofDice

  1. I never considered collectives of one. In that case there are a lot of collectives (including yours Krishna)that I enjoy all the members\’ comics.

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