You’ll Have Everything!

PookeyG had a little post awhile ago about selling more then t-shirts and it looks like Wes is using the third highest money-maker. He’s going to start selling archival prints of You’ll Have That. The catch is he needs to sell at least 6 prints in order to purchase the mailing materials. All the artwork will be printed on glossy, 8 X 10 photo paper. Almost all of the comic strips are available to be printed.

The second little joy Wes has for us is the uploading of old YHT comics that were previously only in his message boards every Saturday and Sunday starting July 15. So stop by for the first in a series of comics he calls You’ll Have That: The Lost Episodes. Lastly You’ll Have That caught the attention of Wizard Magazine!


3 thoughts on “You’ll Have Everything!

  1. Are selling prints really that big of a money maker? I would do it, but I didn\\\’t start keeping hi-res versions of my comics until maybe late 2003. So there is probably a year\\\’s worth of stuff that is no good.

    Sidebar: I am extremely jealous Wes got mentioned in Wizard, but it couldn\\\’t have happened to a better guy!

  2. Thanks, Tom! That means a lot, buddy!

    Prints are a moderately nice source of income. Even though original artwork is much more expensive, I\\\’ve found that it sells like hotcakes. You just have to be okay with letting go of your \\\”babies\\\”.

    – Wes

  3. I\’ve polled some of my readers about the archived prints and there seems to be an audience for it.

    I feel a little shameful, because it\’s not like I\’m giving them something completely unique. But then again, art stores sell prints of \”Starry Night\” and no one seems to complain.

    If there is a demand for it, the demand needs to be met!

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