Pro Grapplers Episode 63: MOORO ROMANO

The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Undertaker stand in the ring during the Attitude Era of WWFThe last of the big four WWE PPV weekends has come and gone, and we’re … pretty much right where we were before it happened! We’re hyped for the new women on both Raw and SmackDown, and getting back down to business has already served stars like Joe, KO, and Zayn well. Also, Steve was blissfully unaware that Kid Rock had anything to do with SS, Jason is happy with the Asuka booking (looks strong!), Braun deserves an Oscar, SmackDown returns to its days of copying Raw, shilling for the Shop, and OMG IT’S ALMOST WRESTLEMANIA SEASON AAAAAAHHHHHHH


Pro Grapplers Episode 62: Took His Balls And Went Home

James Ellsworth, professional wrestler

As we say goodbye to the chinless coward, James Ellsworth, we also say hello to a weekend of WWE goodness!

  • Will the team of Gulak and Enzo prove too much for Kalisto? (Yes)
  • Who will fill the mystery spot on Team SD: Women’s Division? (Paige)
  • Cash-in happening? (No, but yes)
  • Will The Usos unfinished business keep them from victory? (Yes)
  • Will The Shield win? (Certainly)
  • Will Styles survive Survivor Series? (Yes, but he won’t win)
  • Will we like Jason Jordan? (Nope)
  • Who has more liabilities going into the SS match? (Raw)

Also, India is getting a heaping helping of HHH, Lucha Underground will have a reduced budget next season (but Steve doesn’t think it will hurt things), Starrcade is a show we want to see (but won’t get to), and Jason really think you should be watching Total Divas (but totally gets why you’re not).


Pro Grapplers Episode 60: Dumb, Dumb, Dumb Sibling Rivalry

WWE 2017 Halloween ContestNew idea: Strowman has become sentient garbage and just wants more trash buddies so he keeps trying to throw people in dumpsters. Also, Steph is back to make it all about her, so we’re talking about anything else to spite her! How about Drew Gulak’s spelling comprehension? Or a Bludgeon/Breezango feud? Maybe you’ve heard of the SHHHIELD? Or the increased rules of engagement for War Games? Lots to talk about that’s NOT about SS, so listen up!


Pro Grapplers Episode 59: You’re The Monster Now, Demon Dog

Transformers trash truckWith illness and absences abounding, TLC screamed out of the gates and never held back. Styles/Balor tore it up, Asuka debuted, Mickie/Alexa put on an amazing show, and the TLC match itself was one for the record books. Looking towards the future, Survivor Series is coming and the build to that has Jason FUMING. But, Paul Heyman agrees that Jinder isn’t worthy of taking on Lesnar, so we’re all good.


Pro Grapplers Episode 19: He Got Wrestling Move’d!

Shane McMahon appears to be injured after a Roman Reigns spear at Survivor Series 2016Well, that was quite a match, huh? Jason and Steve break down the Lesnar/Goldberg classic, and lament the fact that nothing has changed after a pretty good show. They also discuss Sami Zayn’s transformation into Mick Foley, the New Day’s slow heel turn burn, Steve’s shame in the women’s wrestling game, and why the Royal Rumble match is probably the perfect next move for Bill Goldberg’s ride off into the sunset.


Pro Grapplers Episode 18: Smackdown Rules, RAW Drools

Goldberg and Brock Lesnar stare each other down as special referee Stone Cold Steve Austin looks onWelcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the most historic Survivor Series in history! Who will win ownership of the cruiserweights? Which team will emerge victorious? Will Steve continue to rely on CBS Sports for his pro wrestling news? Will Bill Goldberg survive the night? Who will piss off the Undertaker? We have no answers, but listen as we ponder the possibilities!