Pro Grapplers Episode 70: Noted

Mandy Rose addresses Daniel Bryan's hairstyle in the Mixed Match ChallengeMixed Match Challenge had an off week, but that’s ok because we also have ANNOUNCER BEEF! Also, the CWC is back with HHH running 205 Live now, and that’s a-ok with us. All that, plus: Jason Jordan is now officially out, Alexa fears and fights for her title, Bayley has a good match (YES!), Elias proves he’s main event material, Shane denies Rusev Day, the SmackDown Live Top 10 list is finally here and it’s lame, Zayn vs. Owens is still a delight even when surrounded with BS booking, you need to check out Heavy Machinery like NOW, and we’re replacing Steve with an Alexa-enabled device.


Pro Grapplers Episode 62: Took His Balls And Went Home

James Ellsworth, professional wrestler

As we say goodbye to the chinless coward, James Ellsworth, we also say hello to a weekend of WWE goodness!

  • Will the team of Gulak and Enzo prove too much for Kalisto? (Yes)
  • Who will fill the mystery spot on Team SD: Women’s Division? (Paige)
  • Cash-in happening? (No, but yes)
  • Will The Usos unfinished business keep them from victory? (Yes)
  • Will The Shield win? (Certainly)
  • Will Styles survive Survivor Series? (Yes, but he won’t win)
  • Will we like Jason Jordan? (Nope)
  • Who has more liabilities going into the SS match? (Raw)

Also, India is getting a heaping helping of HHH, Lucha Underground will have a reduced budget next season (but Steve doesn’t think it will hurt things), Starrcade is a show we want to see (but won’t get to), and Jason really think you should be watching Total Divas (but totally gets why you’re not).


Pro Grapplers Episode 60: Dumb, Dumb, Dumb Sibling Rivalry

WWE 2017 Halloween ContestNew idea: Strowman has become sentient garbage and just wants more trash buddies so he keeps trying to throw people in dumpsters. Also, Steph is back to make it all about her, so we’re talking about anything else to spite her! How about Drew Gulak’s spelling comprehension? Or a Bludgeon/Breezango feud? Maybe you’ve heard of the SHHHIELD? Or the increased rules of engagement for War Games? Lots to talk about that’s NOT about SS, so listen up!


Pro Grapplers Episode 35: The Mania Is Too Damn Long

Neville suplexes Austin Aries at WWE WrestleMania 33 in the Cruiserweight Championship MatchAfter a seven-plus hour broadcast, WrestleMania 33 is in the books. Who won? Who lost? Who traversed the longest ramp in recorded history? All that, plus: interesting battle royal finishes, HHH erring on the side of motorcycle safety, why Cesaro/Sheamus are the best tag team, and SUPERSTAR SHAKE-UP!!! The more things change, the more they change brands to give us fresh match-ups.


Pro Grapplers Episode 22: Where In The World Is Roman’s U.S. Title?

Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman at WWE Roadblock: End of the LineThe last PPV of the year brings us our second Roadblock of the year, but this one is the End of the Line! We have updates on Zack Ryder, James Ellsworth, and Sami Zayn, in addition to our predictions for the big night. Who can afford to eat a loss, Rusev or Cass? Will the New Day lose so soon after making history? Will Sami survive Strowman? Will the cruiserweights deliver? Will we care by the end of the Ironwoman match? Will HHH start the build to Wrestlemania? And will someone please give us a break and not announce a new belt and/or show for a few months?