Pro Grapplers Episode 59: You’re The Monster Now, Demon Dog

Transformers trash truckWith illness and absences abounding, TLC screamed out of the gates and never held back. Styles/Balor tore it up, Asuka debuted, Mickie/Alexa put on an amazing show, and the TLC match itself was one for the record books. Looking towards the future, Survivor Series is coming and the build to that has Jason FUMING. But, Paul Heyman agrees that Jinder isn’t worthy of taking on Lesnar, so we’re all good.


Pro Grapplers Episode 44: The Best Laid Plans of Miz and Men

Dana Carvey in The Master of Disguise

NOT a Jinder Mahal joke

No matter what you thought about the endings of Extreme Rules, it’s behind us and we move on. This week, we talk about how awesome Samoa Joe was with Paul Heyman, how Dean Ambrose loves to hide (and we love him for it), the continuing Cassening, the Women’s Money in the Bank briefcase, the continued excellence of the Fashion Files (telepathy and romper edition), and the no-go for Mojo.