Pro Grapplers Episode 44: The Best Laid Plans of Miz and Men

Dana Carvey in The Master of Disguise

NOT a Jinder Mahal joke

No matter what you thought about the endings of Extreme Rules, it’s behind us and we move on. This week, we talk about how awesome Samoa Joe was with Paul Heyman, how Dean Ambrose loves to hide (and we love him for it), the continuing Cassening, the Women’s Money in the Bank briefcase, the continued excellence of the Fashion Files (telepathy and romper edition), and the no-go for Mojo.


Pro Grapplers Episode 34: Biker Taker 4EVR

Baron Corbin is interviewed at the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony 2017We’ve arrived! The speculation ends as WrestleMania begins! Will The Broken Hardyz resist the temptation of tag team ladder matches? Will The Gorgeous Vampire Baron Corbin bring prestige back to the Intercontinental Championship that we forgot Dean Ambrose currently holds? Will we see a shooting star press from Lesnar? Will JR and The King return to call one more match? Will we care about Wyatt or Orton when all’s said and done? Tune in to the entire 6-hour extravaganza and find out!


Pro Grapplers Episode 1: Crazy Like I Was In High School

Join Amazin’ Jason and Steve “The Shinkicker” as they walk down memory lane and recall just why they’re currently into pro wrestling as much as they are. Hear about Jason’s mom witnessing … things and find out what Steve and Dean Ambrose have in common. Lace up your boots and dunk your head in the water tank, because it’s time to debut!