About Mike

I got into the webcomic world through HOUSD and been there ever since visiting conventions across the UK and also getting charity projects done using webcomic artists skill to raise money for both Cancer Research UK and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

No Barcodes Needed

This upcoming Saturday down in Camden Lock Market a whole new convention has begun. Six months ago in Camden a small stall run by Oli Smith (and several others) set to allow small press comics as well as webcomics the chance to publish their works with bare minimum cost and get it to a whole different market. Not only has the stall been popular with people cramming it full of their latest works but also the market itself has integrated with it now becoming almost a firm fixture amongst the others.

Now this weekend the stall launches its first big project – a convention. The No Barcodes Convention has a multitude of small press and webcomic characters appearing at their tables, all within bare minimum cost to them and also bare minimum cost to the general public (there is no entry fees). So pop along down to London this weekend, take in the sights, sounds, air and sea and pop along to Camden and buy a few comics with No Barcodes because to be honest, they’re no longer needed.

No Barcodes Convention


the unfeasible adventures of guest strips

Beaver & Steve Guest Strip CompetitionBeaver & Steve has been around for a few years now and as sporadic as the stories have become, so has the updates. Recently artist and creator James Turner has been troubled with getting guest strips to help him out in this cause, but currently it’s been getting dire.

Instead of leaving Beaver and Steve in the abyss, he’s thrown the gauntlet down to other artists and creators out there for a fantastic competition to contribute to a storyline for the next 4-5 weeks!

The first script is available in which any artist is able to draw and contribute and send to James himself. Each strip is then judged by himself (and probably his girlfriend who tags along to many conventions with James) and chose who will complete the rest of the weeks. The competition ends on May 1st, which means less than a week you’ve got to draw and send over your entry.

You can do whatever you wish with it, be inventive but entirely be Beaver & Steve. If you think you have what it takes, not only to be helping out fellow artist James Turner but also winning yourself a fabulous prize of the two Beaver & Steve books available signed and personalised, then visit Beaver & Steve’s website for more information and happy drawing!


British Shingdig

British Webcomic Piss-Up 2008The whole of the UK and several other countries around the world celebrate St. George’s Day when the tale goes St. George sleighed a dragon.

For the past six years the British webcomic community come together, either in the form of Britains overseas or located within the British Isles and join in the great British Webcomic Piss-Up.

For the past few years the Piss-Up was organised and began with Eddie Bowley who gave webcomics the chance to participate by using a specific theme within their comics, such as swords, shields, dragons. This year the baton was passed to Jon Scrivens with the event focusing around castles.

Only a few participated this year, but check out the British lineup for this year and celebrate St. George’s Day in style!


Butternutsquash 5.0

Butternut SquashButternutsquash has finally reached the big 5 year mark and in celebration they’re thinking of releasing either a book, some limited edition art, something for the fans from their extensive artwork.

The guys from Butternutsquash have done it all, including participating in the calendar Tastefully Done in 2007.

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun and it seems the guys are trying their best to keep on top of their updates. Butternutsquash was also responcible for allowing one of their characters, Rob, to trawl through many comics in a coma. Who knows what the next five more years will have instore?


12 on the brain

12 hour comic challenge4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42. All numbers some of us know well, but Ryan Estrada is mainly obsessed with just one number, the number 12. You see the Cartoon Commune is setting up its first major event set around the number twelve

On Saturday 12th April, artists around the world will be taking 12 hours to create a 12 page comic that they’ll publish either for themselves, online or just for their own amusement.

Ryan Estrada, organiser of this event, has been wanting to do a comic for a while since most of the stuff he’s worked on has been for the Cartoon Commune. “I’m always so backed up on paid work, I don’t have time to do my own stuff. And it’s been a while since I’ve done a good challenge comic.”

“I just knew that I don’t have time this month for a 24 hour comic, and plus I’ve done them to death…… Plus, shorter comics are actually harder, because it takes a while to get into a groove and get caught up.”

So set your calendars for the 12th April and get thinking, 12 pages in 12 hours. Think you have 12 on the brain?