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British Webcomic Piss-Up 2008The whole of the UK and several other countries around the world celebrate St. George’s Day when the tale goes St. George sleighed a dragon.

For the past six years the British webcomic community come together, either in the form of Britains overseas or located within the British Isles and join in the great British Webcomic Piss-Up.

For the past few years the Piss-Up was organised and began with Eddie Bowley who gave webcomics the chance to participate by using a specific theme within their comics, such as swords, shields, dragons. This year the baton was passed to Jon Scrivens with the event focusing around castles.

Only a few participated this year, but check out the British lineup for this year and celebrate St. George’s Day in style!

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I got into the webcomic world through HOUSD and been there ever since visiting conventions across the UK and also getting charity projects done using webcomic artists skill to raise money for both Cancer Research UK and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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