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Beaver & Steve Guest Strip CompetitionBeaver & Steve has been around for a few years now and as sporadic as the stories have become, so has the updates. Recently artist and creator James Turner has been troubled with getting guest strips to help him out in this cause, but currently it’s been getting dire.

Instead of leaving Beaver and Steve in the abyss, he’s thrown the gauntlet down to other artists and creators out there for a fantastic competition to contribute to a storyline for the next 4-5 weeks!

The first script is available in which any artist is able to draw and contribute and send to James himself. Each strip is then judged by himself (and probably his girlfriend who tags along to many conventions with James) and chose who will complete the rest of the weeks. The competition ends on May 1st, which means less than a week you’ve got to draw and send over your entry.

You can do whatever you wish with it, be inventive but entirely be Beaver & Steve. If you think you have what it takes, not only to be helping out fellow artist James Turner but also winning yourself a fabulous prize of the two Beaver & Steve books available signed and personalised, then visit Beaver & Steve’s website for more information and happy drawing!

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