The Big 500 – Thirteen Years talking *to* Webcomics (Part 1)

Last time on the blog, we took a retrospective look at some of the people who’ve helmed the fair ship Digital Strips as it sailed the still-virgin waters of 2005 internet radio and beyond. But those stalwart few aren’t the only voices who’ve been heard on the podcast – in fact, a wide variety of people and perspectives on the Webcomic world have graced this digital stage. If you’re a relatively new listener, you might not be familiar with the proud lineage of the Digital Strips creator interviews, as they more or less came to a close in 2009 – therefore, this week we’re looking back on some of the Digital Strips interview alumni and seeing where those creators are today.

Wes Molebash
The first of many Digital Strips interviewees was Wes Molebash, then creator of “You’ll Have That and later of webcomics such as Insert Image and Molebashed. Wes doesn’t seem to be currently updating his webcomics projects at the moment, having stepped into wider creative endeavours from 2014, but a full list of his projects can be found on his personal website.

Jared Koon
Next on the block
was Jared Koon, of The Farlight Saga. The initial comic – the one that was running at the time of his interview – wound up in 2011, but it seems Jared was still updating the saga at least into 2017 through a variety of site-based and Patreon delivery. Although the comic seems to have stalled, it has returned from long hiati in the past, so worth keeping an eye out for!

D. J. Coffman
 name might be familiar to longtime webcomickers, given that he’s been posting webcomics almost as long as the internet; “Yirmumah was even featured in CRACKED magazine for a while – but not before being featured on Digital Strips! Yirmumah was on hiatus for many years, but made a return in January 2017 as a Patreon exclusive, adding to the massive list of webcomics Coffman’s helmed over the years, and still sporadically updates.

Kris Straub and David Willis
This interview
was a double-header, to celebrate the creator’s then-branching out into their own comics imprint: blank label comics. Although the imprint is still running, it seems it’s founders have stepped back to focus on their own projects – many of which you’ll be familiar with. Kris Straub has gone on to the more-or-less-regularly-updating Chainsawsuit and the less-than-more-regularly-but-soon-returning(?) Broodhollow, whilst David Willis has completed a similarly impressive resume through the acclaimed Dumbing of Age and Shortpacked!, and of course through the sprawling and multi-faceted WalkyVerse. Both creators have branched out into a variety of media beyond webcomics, all of which can be found through their respective linked sites.

Scott Kurtz
Digital Strips’ talk with one of the largest figures in webcomics was – appropriately – too much to contain to a single episode! Kurtz’s accomplishments since he appeared on the podcast hardly need repeating to anyone in the Webcomics community (and have been mentioned frequently in the podcast over the years), but the founder of Toonhound Studios has been busy as the creative force behind PVP, Table Titans, Binwin’s Minions and The Trenches to name a few. Kurtz also has a long history as a fellow podcaster, playing host on the famed Webcomics Weekly, and now appearing regularly on Surviving Creativity. Kurtz was also an author of the industry famous how-to book: How to make Webcomics.

Christian Fundin and Pontus Madsen
Interviewed way back in 2005, Christian and Madsen’s webcomic Little Gamers is, remarkably for a webcomic from that era, still updating (albeit sporadically) and working hard to live up to it’s tagline as “The comic everyone knows – but no one reads.”

Sebastien Dumesnil and Robert Nichols
Making a break from webcomic creators themselves, the duo of Sebastien and Robert were two of the first filmmakers to ever tackle the shift of comics from print to web. Their film – Adventures into Digital Comics – was released in 2006, and the full movie can be still be watched today over on IMDB.

Tim Buckley
Longtime web cartoonist and the creative behind Ctrl+Alt+Del, Buckley has been a constant presence in the Webcomics world since his interview with the show back in 2005. Internet-famous as one of the quintessential “gamers-on-the-couch” comic strips, Buckley has flirted with other avenues of creativity, including a choose-your-own-adventure style webcomic, a short animated series of his comic, holding his own gaming convention, and live streaming his video and tabletop gaming sessions. Buckley famously gave his comic a hard reboot back in 2012, but has more recently returned to a new iteration of the characters which started his comic back in 2002.

Hopefully nobody will feel too much…loss… if we leave this episode with Buckley for now! Do you remember listening to these interviews when they went live? Have you kept following the creators in the decade+ since? Make sure you let us know in the comments or over on Twitter!
Before we delve into the rest of the creators to have been interviewed on the show, next time will move on to a new introspective on the podcast and the way it’s developed over the past thirteen years. Join us – but until then, remember: don’t eat the clickbait!



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