DS 20: Interview With Kristofer Straub and David Willis

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This week we interview a couple of the artists behind Blank Label Comics, Kristofer Straub and David Willis. Both of them, along with a few other cartoonists, recently broke ranks from Keenspot to form their own independent web comics label. During this interview they tell us all about their decision, their plan, and their work.

It should be noted that we used Skype to connect the four of us into the conversation. It seems the more people you connect the worse the overall sound quality gets. Some of the audio isn’t the greatest, but the content is well worth the slight loss of audio quality. Here are the comics by Kristofer and David:


6 thoughts on “DS 20: Interview With Kristofer Straub and David Willis

  1. I don\’t suppose you could provide a direct link to .mp3 file for those of us (ok me) who don\’t have the patient for .RSS feeds :C

  2. I\’m not sure what you mean, just click the link in the blog post and you start downloading the MP3 file itself, or the MP3 icon, or the title of the blog post. Since the RSS feed isn\’t even on this page I\’m not sure what trouble you\’re having.

  3. Sorry, I\’m an idiot. When I clicked on the link the browser would open play the file in QuickTime and I couldn\’t download anything. I thought this was the default, but it\’s my own system that is the problem.

  4. Yup, it\’s a QuickTime plug-in issue. I changed it so the MIME type for .mp3 isn\’t opened automatically in QuickTime. I can download the file now.

  5. Straub and Willis have one other comic apiece: Starshift Crisis and Shortpacked, respectively. You can find them from the BLC link.

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