DS 26: Interview with Sebastien Dumesnil and Robert Nichols

Digital Strips : Show 26 [10.9mb]
This week we feature an interview with S�bastien Dumesnil and Robert Nichols, the filmmakers responsible for the upcoming documentary film Adventures Into Digital Comics. The filmmakers discuss the people in the film, the motivation behind making it and the controversy the trailer has caused.We received some swag from Jay Mcleod, the cartoonist behind Migrayn. He sent us some print comics and buttons and nice note. Thanks Jay! Good looking comic.

This week we talk about the following:

  • Adventures Into Digital Comics by S�bastien Dumesnil and Robert Nichols
  • This week’s contest entry:

    [ Click the image to see it full size ]
    Entry sent in by : Chuck Plymale

    Contestant Web Site : Chuck and Elmo


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