DS 8: Interview with Jarod Koon

Digital Strips : Show 8 [16MB]
Show 8 is online and ready for your listening pleasure. We start off the show with an apology to the guys over at Bif Sniff (bifsniff.com). Last week while talking about their funny single panel comic we failed to mention that more than one person worked on it. Sorry Frank!

We continue on, commenting on that we want to get the show trimmed down in terms of time … and then proceed to have an hour long show. *sigh*. To be fair, the time went on because of our excellent interview with Jared Koon, writer and project lead for the excellent web comic The Farlight Saga (farlightsaga.com).

We also list off this week’s listener submissions:

  • FOG Club Adventure, by Dennis Kanenwisher
  • Cascade Failure, by Matthew Bett
  • Sinister Bedfellows, by mckenzee
  • Simulated Comic Product #4, by Kevin Forbes
  • Golden Boy, by Max Riffner
  • Syntax Errors, by Damon Riesburg
  • Order of the Stick, by Rich Burlew
  • Be sure to let us know what you think about the topics we discussed in this show either by posting a comment to this post on our blog or by sending us an email.


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