DS 25: Interview with Christian and Madsen

Digital Strips : Show 25 [10.8mb]
This week we interview Christian and Madsen, the creators of Little Gamers. This is a daily gag strip featuring iconicly designed characters cracking wise about video games, movies, other web comics, and pop culture in general all with an attitude that betrays the otherwise “cute” look to their strip. During the interview they discuss how they got started, art for art’s sake vs. art for commerce, and their opinions of other web comics.This week we talk about the following web comic:

  • Little Gamers by Christian and Madsen

  • [ Click the image to see it full size ]
    This week’s contest entry was sent in by : Chad M. Hanna

    Contestant Web Site : A Lesson is Learned but the Damage is Irreversible


    2 thoughts on “DS 25: Interview with Christian and Madsen

    1. A month or two ago we held a contest where we asked people to send in comics about us or our show. The randomly selected winner got over $120.00 worth of print versions of various web comics. The details and full gallery of entries can be found on our Gallery page if you\’re interested.

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