Re-Introducing Zampzon and Daku

The more observant of you may notice a slight change to our logo and character icons in the blog posts. I redesigned the Zampzon and Daku characters to make them more, hmm, comic-ish. The other ones weren’t quite right for playing around.

To help launch the characters I created three comic strips with them to just try them out. So here are the very first Digital Strips : The Comic:

Any and all comments, criticisms, words of encouragement, or suggestions for other ways to depict Daku being horribly maimed would be great. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “Re-Introducing Zampzon and Daku

  1. don\’t worry Daku….all you have to do is traumatize Zampzon by taping him into his chair and forcing him to read and watch anime for a week…

  2. Your 3 new comics look strangely effortless in a paradoxical kind of way. And that\’s 2 good comicking jokes in there, one of \’em made twice šŸ™‚

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