DS 6: Interview with Wes Molebash

Digital Strips : Show 6 [13MB]
Our sixth show is now online. In this show we change things up a bit. First of all, the radio sound effects are gone. Thanks for the feedback everyone.We start the show off with listener submissions. This week’s submitted links:

A new feature to the show is web comics news. We realize that a large portion of listeners are coming to the show directly through the podcast from podcast RSS feeds, and links directly to the show MP3 files. This means a lot of people don’t read through the content of the blog itself. So, as a news section to the show we read from all the posts we’ve made from the previous week. Be sure to let us know what you think of this new feature, digital.strips@gmail.com.

Another new feature, a music break. I play some music or a song that has a comic book or comic strip theme to it.

Our first ever interview with a web comic artist. This week we interview Wes Molebash, the creator of You’ll Have That, www.vipercomics.com/webComics/yht. Wes talks about what it took to get his comic started, his relationship with Viper Comics, Manga in web comics, and gives some advice for aspiring cartoonists.

We’ll be back next week with more individual web comic picks. Be sure to send us an email or audio comment in MP3 to let us know what you think of the show and the new features. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “DS 6: Interview with Wes Molebash

  1. Nearly 47 minutes long, wow! Love the new features (news, music etc) and woo I got a mention *proud*, hehe 🙂 Keep up the great work guys!

    — Kaoru / Alex

  2. No sound effects? Bummer….I thought they added alot. Maybe a little over done….but they added alot.

  3. I like the Jeff Radio intro a whole lot. I can see where the sounds during the show could get a little distracting, but the background music (especially the Master Cylinder jam) adds great atmosphere. Before it sounded really \”empty\”. You guys should use some more laid back, techno-lounge type stuff in the future.

    – Wes

  4. You know, I meant to put the sweeper into the show as we came back from the music break, but I forgot. I\’m a cotton headed ninny muggins.

    Wes, Thanks for the feedback. I found a lot of different music loops out there and I\’ll be trying different things here and there. We\’ll see what works best.

    Omega, I assume that was sarcasm?

  5. Hi guys. Long time listener, first time caller! First up, I hugely enjoy the show, your reviews and news and stumbly witty banter. In show 6 I especially appreciated hearing the whole groovy Charlie Brown track. Peanuts is my fave comic strip of all time.

    About reading the news in the show – I understand a reason to do it if people are coming to the show via these feeds, but couldn\’t you just direct them to the blog? IE promote the blog more in the show, mentioning in shorthand what they\’ll find there. I\’m not sure, I guess it depends whether you feel the blog and website is the centre of your operations or the radio show is.

    Now I\’m off to download the new show. Keep up the fine work.

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