On a Personal Note …

Apart from the world of web comics I have also dabbled in filmmaking. Over the course of a few years I experimented with the concept of solo filmmaking whereby using consumer level equipment I created several short films almost entirely on my own. I shot and edited five short documentary films and even got into a few film festivals. All of the films are up on the web at www.dvdocumentaries.com streaming free in QuickTime.

Why am I telling you this on a web comics site? Because with the MP3 files for our show and the video files of my films I’m about to run out of space on my .Mac account. I’ll be taking the videos offline to make room for more podcasts and I thought I’d give everyone a chance to have a look at those videos before I do. So, if you have any interest in burning abandoned towns, people who hunt for ghosts in graveyards at night, people who play EverQuest a lot, or radical political protesters you can head over there and check out my films. After this weekend they’ll be gone. Enjoy.


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