DS 10: Interview with DJ Coffman

Digital Strips : Show 10 [11.8 MB]
Our 10th show is online and available for download.

This week we feature the funny and irreverent Yirmumah (yirmumah.net) by D.J. Coffman and Bob McDeavitt. We first talk about the web comic and then play an interview we recorded with DJ earlier in the week. DJ is the artist behind Yirmumah and has been working in the independent comics industry for a long time. He has a lot to say about independent comics and comics on the web. It was a fun interview and we’re big fans of the comic.

On a side note Yirmumah was also reviewed this week by the HB Comics Blog. Feel free to go see what Bob Stevenson thought about it.

After the interview we read this week’s listener submissions. This is what you were reading this past week:

  • Wapsi Square & The Pet Professional both sent in by Sionide
  • Detective Fork & Rumf Adventures both sent in by Mark
  • Cortland & Make with the Funny or Die Trying sent in by ST
  • The Good Little Robot & Hyena Comics sent in by Ryan
  • Once again we want to thank DJ Coffman for talking with us this week. We hope everyone enjoys the interview. Please remember to send us your submissions. We’ll be back next week with some of our own web comic picks for review. Thanks for listening.


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