The Golem: Adventures of an Israel Super Hero

There is nothing better then being surprised by a new strip. SBC pointed me to Israel?s first nanotechnology-powered superhero comic Golem, now being posted in English on YnetNews. Here is a strip with an art style that should take you back to the beginnings of the comic industry. It is simplistic with an almost minimalist use of lines, instead focusing more on shading and good use of colors.

The writing is superb with a very intelligent combination of politics, religion and humor to make any comic artist jealous. As much as we say the internet allows for free speech and no censorship we live in a time where we censor ourselves so that we don’t lose readers or get too many complaints. This is a strip where the worst word I saw in 50 panels was the word hell, once, and yet nearly every strip had me laughing and thinking about mid-east politics. Visit this strip and be sure to read through each episode and the archives.

(note: Links to individual strips may break with further updates. Episodes are numbered in reverse order.)


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