A Taste of Sin City, But Only a Taste

If you’re a fan of comics then you, like me, are probably chomping at the bit to see the upcoming film Sin City. The film opens this Friday and you can bet your sweet pitootie I’ll be there. While the Sin City series of comics and graphic novels are not web comics there is a taste of the amazing work by Frank Miller on the official movie web site (sincitythemovie.com). If you go to the site and click on ‘Fan Central’ then ‘Original Art’ you’ll be treated with a couple pages of storyboard and concept sketches used for the production of the film all done by Miller himself. I’d have a direct link to the page, but the whole thing is in Flash, so you’ll have to navigate there on your own.

It would have been nice if there were a few pages from the actual comic online, a page or two at least, but the site is stingy with the comics. The sketches are still pretty cool. Oh, and word to the wise, do not go to SinCity.com. That is not the film site and has nothing to do with the comic. Definitely not.


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